The Federation#

The current status of the federation can be found here.

Adding or removing a federation member#

The following files contain references to the federation, and should be updated when a federation member is added or removed:

  1. pages for status and federation info

  2. deployment to the cluster

  3. testing of the cluster configuration

  4. membership in federationRedirect.hosts config for prod

  5. add/remove data source for the cluster’s prometheus at

  6. if outside the default Google Cloud project, make sure launches are published to the events archive:
    • If not deployed from this repo, publishing events to the archive is configured here

    • GKE clusters don’t need further configuration, but outside GKE (or outside our GCP project, maybe?) need a service account. These accounts are configured in terraform, and can be retrieved via terraform output events_archiver_keys. For OVH, a secret is added to the chart here and mounted in the binder pod here (in our chart, the secret itself is added to eventsArchiver.serviceAccountKey helm config, in secrets/config/ovh2.yaml).

Temporarily removing a federation member from rotation#

There are a few reasons why you may wish to remove a Federation member from rotation. For example, maintenance work, a problem with the deployment, and so on.

There are 3 main files you may wish to edit in order to remove a cluster from the Federation:

  1. Required. Set the binderhub.config.BinderHub.pod_quota key to 0 in the cluster’s config file under the config directory

  2. Recommended. Set the weight key for the cluster to 0 in the helm chart values file in order to remove it from the redirector’s pool

  3. Optional. Comment out the cluster from the continuous deployment file