The Federation#

The following table lists BinderHub deployments in the federation, along with the status of each. For more information about the BinderHub federation, who is in it, how to join it, etc, see the MyBinder federation page.



Docker registry

JupyterHub API

User/Build Pods


Removing a Federation Member from Rotation#

There are a few reasons why you may wish to remove a Federation member from rotation. For example, maintenence work, a problem with the deployment, and so on.

There are 3 main files you may wish to edit in order to remove a cluster from the Federation:

  1. Required. Set the binderhub.config.BinderHub.pod_quota key to 0 in the cluster’s config file under the config directory

  2. Recommended. Set the weight key for the cluster to 0 in the helm chart values file in order to remove it from the redirector’s pool

  3. Optional. Comment out the cluster from the continuous deployment file