Cloud Costs Data#

In an effort to be transparent about how we use our funds, we publish the amount of money spent each day in cloud compute costs for running

Interpreting the data#

You can find the data in the Analytics Archive at cloud-costs.jsonl. Each line in the file is a JSON object, with the following keys:

  1. version

    Currently 1, will be incremented when the structure of this format changes.

  2. start_time and end_time

    The start and end of the billing period this item represents. These times are inclusive, and in pacific time observing DST (so PDT or PST). The timezone choice is unfortunate, but unfortunately our cloud provider (Google Cloud Platform) provides detailed billing reports in this timezone only.

  3. cost

    The cost of all cloud compute resources used during this time period. This is denominated in US Dollars.

The lines are sorted by start_time.